Christmas greetings of love and peace from P. Joel

Dear All
Hope you all are in good health and I pray for the same to the almighty Lord.


We are again in a season of love and blessings because we have a Savior born in the manger. Hallelujah. I wish you and the family all the blessings of this wonderful feast of Jesus being with and amongst us.

Christmas  be a festival of quietness to you with enough silence and time to think over the presence of God in this world.
Christmas  be a festival of happiness to you and show you once more all that what God has showered upon you in talents and favors, in  love and fortune.
Christmas  be a festival of light to you and strengthen you anew in that confidence that God comes to meet you in His love.
Christmas  be a festival of peace to you, that you can experience and realize totally God’s goodness and human friendliness.
Christmas  be a festival of blessing to you: May God give you so richly that you can give further from this fullness.
So be the Christmas a real festival to you full of Quietness, Happiness, Peace, Light and Blessing by which you can meet with yourself and with God.


Keep well and stay blessed
In union of love and prayers

P.Joel Koikkara

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