The Sponsorship Apostolate of Seminary Students

Dear Friend in Jesus,
Franciscan Greetings of Peace and All Good!
It is a priceless blessing to have a priest of their own as far as a catholic family is concerned. But it is not always possible for every family to have this blessing due to different reasons. Now through the Sponsorship Apostolate of Seminary Students, you receive the opportunity to form a catholic priest of your own …a priest, who would pray for you personally in his daily Mass and in all his spiritual exercises. He will be there to fulfill all your spiritual needs, even after your death. He would be, in every respect, a blessing to your family.
The Indian Conventual Franciscan students have 13 years to fulfill their Priesthood studies. As the local custom, most of the students join the seminary, just after their elementary school education at the age of 15. They have three years of Initial formation in the Minor Seminary, two years for Pre-Novitiate and Novitiate program, three years for Philosophy, one year for Regency and four years for Theology. The Sponsorship Apostolate of Seminary Students includes only the last eight years after the Novitiate. For these eight years of formation we are foreseeing around 2000 (Two Thousand only) Euros or equivalent Indian Rupees. You can donate it, as you wish, at one time or bit by bit during these eight years. When you join this apostolate, you will receive the student’s photograph, the details about him, a letter from the Provincial of Conventual Franciscans in India and a Diploma about the Sponsorship. After receiving all these, you can take contact with the student in accordance with the directions given in the letter of Provincial.
Dear friend, this apostolate is ever more urgent in the Catholic Church now. The global Church has a painful scarcity of priests. Hence, please consider it as your mission and duty towards the Church and World. May the Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Bless you and all your dear ones.
With Prayerful Best Wishes, I place this request in to your hands.


Fr. Leo Payyappilly OFMConv.,
Minister Provincial

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