Mystery of Perpetual Adoration, Missionary Fr. Justo Antonio Lo Feudo MSE

I was inspired to film this and also helped EWTN America and Austria producer and former international production coordinator for EWTN, America Deborah Muriel Piroch a few years ago:

These interviews (here are just 30 minutes of the 60 minute interviews) which aired the first week worldwide the week of Labor day – September, 2017 on EWTN USA.

We also helped write a new Divine Mercy Chaplet with Harald Kopp of CJM ministry and EWTN Austria but was all kinds of opposition to finish our filming, though I usually lead the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the Jesus Prayer Group 6:30pm in the DC church but also am the lead singer with the Society of Divine Mercy SDM – Philippine Catholic community, Vienna. Surely they will be very happy to help you further with your ministry ….and your video interview was my 100th film so if you look at You Tube there are so many films – a little bit like Mother Angelica who was from my same hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Regarding Perpetual adoration in the Piaristen Church, It’s not always so easy for me to get over to Piaristen Church and dedicate time to the Perpetual Adoration, but I could certainly do that at the Donaucity Church …sorry we didn’t have more time to discuss with him.


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